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What should you know before you buy?

When purchasing a headstone for your loved one, you are faced with many details and may have questions such as "Where do I start?" or "What kind of headstone will my cemetery allow?".

How long does it take to actually place the monument on the grave?

Purchasing a headstone can be a difficult task especially due to the emotions involved, but having good information about the process can make a difficult purchase a little easier.
We understand your lack of experience in this area and will take the time to educate you with the knowledge necessary to make an informed purchase.
You can start by stepping into our showroom which is full of monuments and art works.
We will ask you for the information we need to help you. As for what kind of monument will the cemetery allow? We will find out for you by calling on our knowledge of the place or by calling and asking the cemetery.

How long will it take?

It can take four months or longer. It depends on the cemetery. Some will not do a foundation until 10 months. Some will not make foundations during the winter season. Some will have other regulations that can affect the time.

What can the monument be made of?

In the New York and Tri-State cemeteries, only granite monuments are permitted.

What is meant by the "Finish" of a Monument?

The finish refers to the style of the monument's stone surface. On a monument any of the above combinations can be used depends on what you like.
The least expensive finish is the Rock Pitched, then the Smooth and the Polished is most expensive.

How much can it cost?

It all depends on size, finish, shape, color, and design.

I already have a double monument and just need to inscribe the second part.

We do inscribing in all Tri-state cemeteries. It is done at the cemetry; we do not remove the stone from the cemetery. We can duplicate any and all styles and letterings.

How do I order a monument I like but in smaller/larger size, or a different color?

Please use the contact us form or call us, and we will be able to help price the monument you are interested in.

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