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We provide the following services for existing monuments that may need maintenance. The price will depend on the size of the monument.

We also provide a service to put a second inscription onto a previously brought double stone, including helping you to select as inscription that will most accurately match the existing one.
The monument will not be removed from the cemetery plot – work is done at the grave site. The letters will be engraved in an exact duplication of style to match the existing monument.
Once you order with us we will send you a small scale blueprint for you to proof read. Any changes to your order will be done on paper and once approved it will be cut into a stencil that will be glued onto the stone and sandblasted with the inscription you ordered.
[example image]   [example image]

Another service we offer is to duplicate an existing monument's exact style; you may want the same as was made for another family member. We can send someone to the existing monument to assess the exact stone, lettering, style, etc. and so ensure an exact replication.

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